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Love battle bites

Quick delivery, amazing product, a staple for my morning snack

Satisfying snacks

Love the chocolate caramel bars but haven’t found a flavour I don’t love

By far the best!

Thank you so much for my order. 100% the best tasting protein bars around! Thanks you xx

Really nice high-protein snacks for the morning and throughout the day!

Already ordered the protein flapjacks, which I love, so thought I'd try the cookies as well. They're not perfect, the mocha chocolate chip ones are a little dry and gritty but the taste is great and they fill you up, just have them with a drink! The lemon drizzle suffer from the same dryness, but they also have a weird sweetener taste to them, I don't mind it and I still enjoy eating them, but for people who don't like sweetener maybe avoid that flavour.
All-in-all pretty good though, would definitely order them again and try some new flavours!

Favourite protein snacks

Great tasting, lovely texture. Excellent value on 2 for 1 offer!

So tasty!

The most amazing tasting protein bars. Won’t buy from anywhere else

Battle Bites Two Box Deal

Birthday cake

Love these bars, bought a box as a birthday present for myself and for my nephew

Two box’s of cookies an cream p bars

Speedy delivery, great product, will definitely buy again


Unlike any other protein bar. Tastes like carbs

Amazing taste

Love them bars, best protein snacks i've had!!!

Gotta love the Bites!

Without doubt my favourite protein bar type snack!

Battle bites

Love them. Quite filling too!

Best protein bars ever.

Best protein snacks on the market. Great flavours, quick delivery and too moorish for their own good!

So yummy!

Absolutely love these bars, sooo tasty at such a great price & much better than just grabbing a chocolate bar. When I need something sweet this is my go to product. Delivery is excellent, so quick!! Customer service is excellent too.

Great product fast delivery

Another great deal on this fabulous product

The best!

These are the best bars I’ve had. So tasty! They ship super fast and the service is great.

definitely reorder

100% all round excellent service

Amazingly delish

I love all your different battle bites but caramel n chocolate is my second favourite, my number one is the salted caramel and pretzel.
These are great, I pop them in the fridge and then when I want something with chocolate I reach for a mini bite and enjoy I quench my chocolate red and stop my hunger too. How did I survive with out these in my life.
I gave my hubby one, I’d taken it out of packet and handed it him so he didn’t know what it was. He said wow that was nice is that a new chocolate bar, it reminded me of a mars bar? He was shocked when I told him what it was. Now I’m going to have to hide my battle bites.
They are a game changer for me

Chocolate Caramel - 12 bars

Tasty and satisfying

Love Battle Bites tried all the flavours and not one I don’t like. Gets rid of my sugar craving and packed with protein

Amazing service and amazing taste

Thank you for such a swift turnaround. My other half lives in Japan and is desperate for protein bars.

You made him very happy

They are amazing!

My new got to snack during the day - healthy a Lou today of protein, not much sugar and tastes fantastic


These bars are literally one of the nicest protein bars out there and great that they’re so low cal due to their perfect treat-size size.

Taste sensations

Always a prompt delivery, love the different flavours of the battle bites. Taste more like candy bars than protein bars!!