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Good filling snacks

I like the fact that they are in two sections. This means that you can have one as a sweet treat after a meal and still have something later. I got the variety pack and like most of them. The only one I wouldn't bother with again is the Carrot cake and it may be something to do with the crunchy top which I just didn't like. The rest are good and tasty and filling.

Great delivery and product

I ordered a box of the red velvet and birthday cake protein bars and they literally taste delicious. I have had many other branded protein bars and after a while I find myself getting a little sick of the flavour but this hasn’t happened yet with the battle bites.
Also want to say that the speed of delivery was amazing, I am very happy

Love them

Love these bars! Great taste, great variety and fast delivery. Will definitely be reordering


These salted caramel pretzel are 💯 amazing!! Some reviews mentioned caramac bars!! As soon as I heard that, I was like 3 boxes please!! And so glad I got all 3 that flavour. Much prefer these bars to grenades and phd. Bought from all these companies and enjoyed 50% off from all.
Thanks for a great treat! Would like to see some better sweetness used.

Favourite bars

The minis are perfect for me as a light snack or as an alternative to biscuits with hot drinks at work/in evenings. Arrived quickly and definitely some of the best tasting protein bars I’ve tried (most taste either bland, powdery or too sweetner-like). Will definitely be buying more :)

battle snack awesome

I received my battle snacks for Christmas originally and I found them so good that I purchased more of them. They are the best protein bars on the market and I will certainly be back to purchase more. Thanks for prompt delivery too


Wouldn't even know it's a protein bar

Best protein bars

Best protein bars compared to other companies. Taste amazing and always to good to share!


Tasty snacks with a great price when I placed my order.

I don’t like them ILOVE THEM

These are brilliant just the right size and a great flavour the taste is outstanding ideal for after a good workout !!!!


Best protein bars I have tasted that have 20g of protein! Well worth trying the variety box, still find it hard to pick a favourite flavour.

Great variety of flavours.

After trying loads of other protein bars I have to say these are the best. My favourite has to be birthday cake followed by carrot cake. I ordered the variety box and so far the ones I’ve tried are all great. Can’t wait to try the rest.

Best bars

Best protein bars I've ever had amazing taste 100% recommend.

Little powdery.

I found these a little dry, tasted a little powdery, have only tried the chocolate ones, still got double chocolate ones to try.

Superb product

I can’t praise Battle Bites enough. The variety of flavours is great but the taste is unbelievable! I’ve tried various Protein bars and Battle Bites are my new favourite!

Little drops of heaven!

I've been buying battle bites for around a year now and all flavours are fantastic. Choc coconut is my personal favourite. Best protein bars on the market in my opinion with great macros and they enable me to fulfil my daily chocolate craving! To top it off, quick delivery and great customer service from Charlene and the team. 5 ⭐️ product and team.

Little bites of heaven

I'm so glad I got the variety box aswell as the pretzel one, I've loved every bar so far and can't wait to buy more 😍😍

Secret added sauce

There is something added to these that makes them taste like caramac bar, ie highly addictive. Reminds me of League of Gentlemen's "special stuff"

Check out the macros

Bought these as the flavour is perfectly acceptable (and what is cookies and cream flavour anyway??), but additionally over 11g of fibre. We all know what a high protein low carb diet does to your digestive system, so this is a great inclusion!

Carrot cake flavoured

Which is just as well. Seriously, all of the Battle Bites are good, just that these have a reasonable stab at the intended flavour, and I like them, along with Caramel pretzel and cookies and cream. Macros are good in other areas, eg around 10g fibre per 62g bars, which is a bonus.

Great taste and value

So many protein bars out there, these are soooo good! Thank you!

Birthday cake bars delicious. Customer service was very prompt and helpful..I .would recommend Battle snacks.

Very nice 😋

1st time I’ve had Mississippi mud pie flavour. Have to say they were very very nice but not my favourite of flavours. But as usual found them to be very moist and (not to) sort - perfect in fact 😋

Not my most favourite 🙁

Have had battle bites before but had the birthday cake and carrot cake flavours. Found the choc coconut flavour a bit Gungy. Sorry battle bites, it needs a bite less chocolate flavour - and I love chocolate.

Battle Snacks Bars.

Nice snack bars,little sugar,so not bad for diabetics.Tasty.