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Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars

Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars

Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars


When you want just a little bit of everything, get it with a hand-picked box filled with our four hero flavours! With three bars of each flavour, our variety pack will have you singing the 12 bar blues as it arrives at your front door!

Our Battle Oats Variety Pack includes: 3x Dark Chocolate Chip, 3x Double Chocolate Brownie, 3x White Chocolate Coconut, 3x Cookies And Cream. 

  • Low in sugar

  • Use 100% natural ingredients

  • High in protein (15.4g per bar)

  • Made using British rolled oats

  • Gluten and wheat free

  • Made with butter and coconut oil

  • High in heart-kind saturated fats

  • High in fibre

  • Contains no margarine or palm oil

  • Great source of slow-release energy

  • GMO free

  • Vegetarian friendly

  • Oven baked for quality, freshness and taste 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Possibly the greatest protein flapjacks I have ever tasted, delicious and a great variety of flavours. My sweet treat has hot so much better now I buy battle snacks products

Variety Oats

I love these, variety oats is a thick bar which are so tasty! The good about these, you can’t eat a lot in one go, half a bar is good so it can last 2 days compared to your other protein bars, some can be eaten immediately! Deco recommend it! M

Favourite bars

The minis are perfect for me as a light snack or as an alternative to biscuits with hot drinks at work/in evenings. Arrived quickly and definitely some of the best tasting protein bars I’ve tried (most taste either bland, powdery or too sweetner-like). Will definitely be buying more :)


I have struggled to enjoy any of the protein bars I’d tried.
That is til I came across battle snacks. I love the texture and the flavours. I Dont feel I’m missing out on sweet treat as these taste so good. Any way I saw the battle oat bars and thought I’d give them a go.
Wasn’t sure at first but by the end of my first bar I am hooked.
They taste too good to not be bad lol.
Love love them


Battle Oats Variety Pack - 12 bars